The Eves24 Solution

  • Enjoy Diamond Jewellery
    as an accessory
  • diamond jewellery
  • Buy Jewellery as
    an investment
  • Flaunt a new or different
    Jewellery every time
  • bridal diamond jewellery
  • Bored of
    repeating the
    same Jewellery
  • Pick Jewellery
    matching outfits
  • wedding diamond jewellery
  • Purchase outfits
    matching Jewellery
  • Own and Access
    a very large closet
  • bridal jewellery
  • Buy and stock both often
    required and rarely worn
    Jewellery. Own a small closet
  • Investment in other
    high paying instruments.
    Indulgence to its fullest
  • diamond jewellery
  • Bad investment
    and unfulfilled indulgence

The Eves24 Solution - Jewel Library

  • Access to a large
    library of expensive
    heavy Jewellery
  • wedding jewellery
  • Limited sets of rarely
    worn expensive
    heavy Jewellery
  • Wear latest,
    trending designs
  • bridal jewellery
  • Old and outdated designs
  • Make investments in better
    paying instruments. Return on
    saved capital can pay for wearing new heavy Jewellery every time
  • bridal diamond jewellery
  • A Waste as substantial
    money blocked in rarely
    used heavy wear Jewellery
  • A smarter way to
    Flaunt Jewellery more often.
  • diamond jewellery
  • Jewellery remains in lockers
  • Indulge heavily, Show off,
    Make people envy you,
    Save a lot of Money
  • bridal diamond jewellery
  • Embarrasment on
    wearing the same Jewellery

The Eves24 Solution - 0% EMIs

  • Large collection of daily wear Jewellery. No blocking money in heavy Jewellery
  • wedding jewellery
  • Limited collection of daily wear Jewellery as money gets blocked in heavy jewels
  • 0% (interest free) EMIs, increases buying power and provides convenience to build Jewellery wardrobe at ease
  • EMIs are not available, price points are high

The Eves24 Jewellery Advantage

  • Jewellery certified by the highest authority worldwide
  • Jewellery certified by seller themselves or an agency
    close to them.
  • Buy @ factory prices. At least 20-30% cheaper
    than other retail brands
  • Pay an exorbitant price
  • Offers 100% exchange, 90% Buy back, the best in the industry.
  • Some offer exchange while just a few offer buyback of Jewellery
  • Convenience of both offline and online shopping + Delivery at home
  • diamond jewellery
  • Either online or offline
  • Range of both regular and designer wear Diamond Jewellery
  • diamond jewellery
  • Either regular or designer wear Jewellery

Eves24 Services

Find Out What We Have In Store For You

wedding jewellery

Jewel Library

Enjoy wearing new and different real and designer jewellery on various occasions by taking access to Jewel Library on PAY PER USE basis (Need not buy these Jewellery).

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wedding diamond jewellery


Buy heavy jewellery for the reception,opt for a 100% exchange (including labour charges) and take back lighter regular wear jewellery

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bridal jewellery

Eves24 club membership

Avail the annual subscription to seamlessly enjoy jewellery as an accessory throughout the year. A revolutionary opportunity to OWN and ACCESS a very large closet of exquisite and internationally certified designer jewellery through a smart and cost effective solution.

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Jewel on EMI

Buy NOW, Pay LATER! Buy jewellery whenever you want and pay for it bit by bit on interest-free instalments (0% EMIs).

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Eves24 Store

Visit our stores in Mumbai (Bandra & Andheri) and try out our exquisite real diamond jewellery and regular wear jewellery.

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Types of Jewellery

Explore and shop for a wide selection of real diamond jewellery from Eves24.


Bridal and Wedding Diamond Jewellery

Gorgeous jewellery for the contemporary bride to the traditional Indian bride. Find
diamond wedding rings, necklace sets, matching earrings, and diamond bangles to suit all tastes.
Step into our store to explore exquisite jewellery sets.

Festival and special occasions

Make your festivals more festive and occasions more special with beautiful jewellery for every taste and pocket. Choose something truly special to help you say it better.
Visit our store to find that perfect gift for your loved one.

CocKtail and evening wear

Make a statement wherever you go with our gorgeous contemporary collection of standout necklaces, cocktail rings, charming bracelets and chandelier earrings.
Visit our stores for stylish cocktail and evening wear jewellery.

bridal diamond jewellery

Corporate wear

Feel confident in tasteful diamond jewellery you can wear to work, meetings and business dos.
Visit our store.

bridal jewellery

Daily Wear

You are the Queen of your home. Wear regular wear diamond jewellery fit for royalty.
Visit us to explore our daily wear products that are light weight and comfortable for all day long.

wedding jewellery